Long update alert!!!

So, you all might remember a guy who I mentioned in my blog a long time back – the “I should have raped that girl” fame. The first reaction from his side was to comment on the links of my blog (which did not even mention who he was, by the way) with a lame screen-shot of a smiley from my side for a message about why he didn’t like the girl, in a rather sad attempt to prove that I was the reason he went on to make the “rape” comment and it was not at all his fault. Then he went ahead and messaged all the people who had commented on my link with a senseless story of how he was right. After that he put up a long status update on the same lines on his timeline giving my Facebook profile id and inviting people to take his side. Some of his loyal friends did too, grabbing the opportunity to attack a “shameless writer” who wrote blatant lies about their friend who is in no way inferior to an angel.

The next step of attack was to send me multiple emails with covert and overt threats of what all he could do to shut down my blog space and make my life hell if I didn’t delete the blog and put up an unconditional apology for him. (All this happening at a time when he was self-publishing a novel probably requires a mention. And sadly I had helped edit this novel – and by edit I mean pick out grammatical and spelling errors from each and every sentence of the novel like you would correct a school kid’s assignment.) Anyway, I told him I wasn’t deleting my blog or putting up an apology to someone like him and he was free to do whatever he wanted. More angry emails from him followed, which I chose to ignore. And then I started getting emails on the lines of “Please say you are sorry and you didn’t mean any of it. I will take down the status and we can go back to being friends.” Again I ignored.

For a couple of months after that nothing happened. And then one fine day, he sends me a sweet email about how his book has been published and doing well and how he couldn’t have achieved that without my help. I sent a one-liner professional email congratulating him, but at the same time conveying the subtle message that I didn’t wish to receive any more emails from him.

So after two weeks he started Whatsapping me as if someone had struck him on his head and he didn’t remember anything that had happened. And he had the guts to ask me for help in publicizing his novel among my friends and telling me he wanted my help with the next novel he was starting. I sat looking at the screen wondering if this guy was really insane. I sent one reply where I recapped what all he had done to disgust me and attack me on the web space and how that meant he should definitely not try to contact me anymore. I ended with a note that I really did hope one day he would have a daughter who would teach him why he should be ashamed of himself. And then I blocked this guy on Whatsapp too.

I thought that was the end of his shamelessness. Guess not! Because yesterday I got an invitation from him on LinkedIn (which I declined and reported as spam of course). Now the point behind writing all this down – what would you call a person like this???? Because no matter how much thought I have given it, I am unable to come up with anything that is even remotely decent!!!

P.S. Those of you from the same batches who are still good friends with him (everyone knows who this guy is now, thanks to his publicity stunt) and are still in my friends list, I don’t have anything against you and there is a chance that I really like you too. But I really would understand it if you decided to leave my friends list, not because we have anything against each other, but because you would want to stand by your friend. And personally, even having mutual friends with this guy is something I am trying to avoid for very genuine reasons. I hope you understand!