I wasn’t going to put up anything about the Pulwama terror attack because putting up an “RIP” or “Your sacrifice will not go in vain” in my status box is not going to make a difference to what has been happening for decades. If it did, we wouldn’t be seeing the very same news in different degrees every single day. But the saddest part is that a part of their sacrifice is absolutely in vain because they have been giving their lives for a huge section of assholes in our country who can’t even respect the value of this sacrifice. Assholes who think of this as the right time to bring out their political vendettas. People who ‘speculate’ that this was an attack orchestrated by the government itself to win the next election. People who worry that all this was caused because of the killings of ‘those poor militant lads’ like Burhan Wani. People who openly celebrate the much-needed lesson their ‘brave brother’ taught India and its army, both virtually and otherwise (How fascist a country are we!). People who think this can be used for sentimental purposes for the next election. And also, people who are excited for a war because oh yeah, it is just like what you watch onscreen for 2 hours. One of those assholes put up this status about how predominantly lower caste people and those with no intellectual acumen go for this ‘job’ only as a livelihood. Of course, bringing caste into everything sure does get you brownie points right? She goes on to talk about how soldiers in Siachen die of frostbite and not because of terrorist attacks. The imbecile doesn’t understand that they guard Siachen and end up losing their lives to ‘frostbite’ so that the peaceful terrorists she and those like her empathize with so much do not intrude through that strategic point and take the lives of not just assholes like her, but also other innocent people who don’t use such fancy words to brandish their ignorance. Yes, let us give up Kashmir to Pakistan like she says and go one step ahead and give up Arunachal Pradesh to China too. And then what? Two years later they say they want Delhi and the rest of the seven sisters, let’s give that too, until there is nothing left to give and India becomes just a chapter in history. Never in my life have I seen people of any other country welcoming terrorists and celebrating their attacks, mourning their deaths and speaking against their own country like those in ours, and that too for the sake of petty internal politics! You don’t have to be ‘hyper-national’ to know how wrong that is. You only need to have a basic courtesy of respecting the land you live in and putting the country before your petty differences. I am doing only the least I can do today by reporting these profiles and posts and unfriending assholes of this kind from my list. It is okay for us to have different opinions. But if you can’t even respect your own country and the people who lay down their lives so that you have the freedom to bark as you please, I definitely won’t trust you and I don’t want to have anything to do with you. So please, go ahead, feel free to bring it all out in the comments. It will help me in speeding up the unfriending process.