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Victim (n) – One who is denied basic dignity

“Soundaryam Sarikku vinayayi,” – “Sari’s beauty became her curse.” This headline, along with the picture of a girl, hardly 17 years old, in one of the major Malayalam newspapers is still fresh in my memory. Equally fresh is the loud… Continue Reading →

My Super-slow Journey of Healing

Reading through “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe as part of my curriculum during my B.A. course was when I first thought, consciously I mean, about my fear of becoming my mother, just like the protagonist Okonkwo lives his entire… Continue Reading →

May humanity triumph over religion!

In an earlier blog of mine, I had written how I maintain a safe distance with religion. I enjoy festivals and do follow some practices which I find interesting. But it is never a norm or an obligation, it is… Continue Reading →

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