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Yours truly, a victim of first impression

I used to conduct a session on ‘First Impressions’ when I was working as a trainer with TCS. Over three and a half years, as part of this session, I’ve told my trainees innumerable times what people’s first impression about… Continue Reading →

For my friends from “Poornam”

I wonder why I said “No” today, when everyone was planning to go out and have a good time. I wonder why I always say “No” to such plans. When I think about it, I don’t think I am yet… Continue Reading →


I wouldn’t rate myself as too emotional a person, that is, on a regular basis. But yeah, there are days when I get really emotional. Sometimes it is just for some minutes, sometimes for some hours, but not really for… Continue Reading →

Ponmudi Bike Trip

Republic Day fell on a Wednesday this year. For all those who stay away from home and go home only for weekends, this was a blow since the rare chance of a long weekend was lost. As there were two… Continue Reading →

My last comfort zone..

I’m a person who loves to find my own comfort zone and stay cozy in it. I hate having to encounter any disruptions to my normal life. Don’t mistake me for a person who lives with a set time-table or… Continue Reading →

An evening @ the hospital..

Warning!! : Before you start reading.. You might not find much relation between the title of this blog, its beginning  and its end.. 😀 The title is actually Rakesh’s words which in fact prompted me to write this. ———————————————————————————————————- All… Continue Reading →

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