So basically, innerwear, sanitary napkins and just about anything that has to be used by women under her clothes is a shameful object and talking about that is a taboo – did I get it right? At a time when people had to flee their homes in the midst of a fatal calamity without even a change of clothes, a man posts urgent requirements for women’s innerwear at a relief camp. And guess what happens to the man – HE IS ARRESTED under sections of IPC dealing with atrocities against women and degrading women on public forums.
Which means, in the eyes of the WOMAN councillor who complained about this and the puppet police who decided that the complaint was strong enough to arrest this man, saying that women at a relief camp need innerwear to change, in the wake of serious health issues is an atrocity committed against them. As opposed to cyberbullying with rape threats, sexual molestation and even rape, the accused of which roam around freely while the victims commit suicide. I would really love to know who this WOMAN councillor who thinks of the good of all women is so that we can sign a petition for her to be awarded for this wonderful gesture. And dear police force, have some shame – not a lot, a tad bit maybe!
#KeralaFloods2019 #WTF