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Love lost.. Or was it?

My friend came to me today with a story she had written sometime before. She wanted a feedback on it. The feedback I gave was in the form of huge drops of tears down my cheeks. It was a simple,… Continue Reading →

My Running Shoes..

I am a person with loooooooooooooots of friends. In fact I don’t even believe in the concept of having a lot of friends, but just one best friend. As I have mentioned in an earlier post, I have a number… Continue Reading →

To be or not to be..

I have always been a person who makes my own decisions. When there was a war at home about what stream I should choose after my 12th standard, when there was a confusion on which college to go to for… Continue Reading →


The worst form of addiction is not to cigarettes, not to alcohol, not to drugs.. but to another human being. And worse than being addicted to someone, is being the object of addiction for someone.

Truth of Life – Part II

I embraced distance in the vain hope it would leave my mind clear.. I embraced distance with the stupid belief I would find a new beginning.. I embraced distance knowing only too well I’ll never be able to let go..

Truth of life – Part I

Life’s quite funny.. You can’t have what you feel you want.. And what you can have, doesn’t really feel like what you want.. It’s damn confusing!! :-/

The journey to heaven..

Last day when we were sitting at the Food Court having our morning quota of gossips, we suddenly stumbled upon the topic “dreams”, as in the real dreams, the ones we have in our sleep. It was then, after a… Continue Reading →

Recent piece of enlightenment

At times you hate a person not because you really do hate that person; at times it is a desperate effort not to fall in love with that person.

Summer rain..

It has been a long time since I watched rain, doing nothing but watching nature pour out its woes. I’ve always felt so. I’ve never been able to relate rain to happiness. Although there are tons of poems and articles… Continue Reading →

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