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Web debaters or bullies?

A few months back I got a message from one of my closest friends saying how he didn’t like one of my recent blogs. I accepted that feedback because I don’t expect everyone to like my posts and I was… Continue Reading →

For my friend with an iron will

There are some friends who are not just people you have fun with, but also people who you are proud of. When I say proud, people might immediately think I am talking about someone who accomplished something huge and gained… Continue Reading →

The curious case of selfish beings

I do not know if Irom Sharmila will become the CM of Manipur some day as she wishes or if she is qualified for it. I do not know if her cause was justified or not. I also won’t pretend… Continue Reading →

Let’s not defend unruliness please!

I am a proud Indian. That does not mean that I let my pride blind me and defend every wrong thing about my country. Let’s face it – there are so many things that we as a people need to… Continue Reading →

Being beautiful.. Being kind

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” – Aesop In the midst of a lot of negative news that we are bombarded with everyday, there would be at least a small piece that makes us smile…. Continue Reading →

Three Cheers to the Great Indian Media

There used to be a time when newspapers reported news. And in those newspapers there would be an editorial page that kind of aligned with the overall ideas of the news group, but still didn’t sound biased. I miss those… Continue Reading →

When criticism turns vicious

We live in an age where the gap between celebrities and commoners has reduced tremendously. Celebrities used to be unreachable and larger than life once upon a time. They are not so any longer. With the advent of social networking… Continue Reading →

Freedom is not free!

I’ve been keeping myself from writing about the circus that has been going on in our country for quite some time now. For the simple reason that too many one-sided opinions had come up from too many people. But I… Continue Reading →

The eternal war

Another new year starts with a bang – literally. In the midst of the holiday season, which was supposed to be a time of peace and love and merriment all around, we started our new year with yet another terrorist… Continue Reading →

How not to cope with loss

Let’s start with the fact that I am more or less addicted to checking my Facebook notifications and scrolling down once in a while to see updates from my friends. I do that when I am home of course, not… Continue Reading →

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