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The ogling syndrome

I have never been a head turner. I still am not; at least I wasn’t until I reached my hometown this time. But after going for a walk here the other day, I’ve started wondering if I have become one… Continue Reading →

Finding Mom!

It is not Mother’s day; it is not my mother’s birthday either. There is no special occasion as such. But I just feel like writing about my mother. It was last year that I wrote about my father. At that… Continue Reading →

Childhood innocence

Lucky are those kids who live a perfectly innocent childhood, because innocence lost in your childhood is innocence lost forever.                        

Why oh why, jeans???

An year back and maybe even before that, I read about Khap Panchayats banning jeans for women, especially unmarried ones. Their reasoning was that women wearing jeans were the cause for the increasing number of eve-teasing incidents and rapes that… Continue Reading →

When dreams die

Like Kareena Kapoor says in ‘Jab We Met’, I used to be very excited about the prospect of getting married when I was a kid. I used to wear bangles covering my arm and shawls like a saree to look… Continue Reading →

Daddy’s little girl

He took me in his arms the day I was born. He carried me on his shoulders when I was 2. He went on to stay abroad alone for the next 25 years when I was 3, so my brother… Continue Reading →

Peace of mind at last!

After exactly 24 days of writing my previous blog about the jerk who molested me at the age of 7, it seems God has read my blog and wanted to give me a chance for pay-back. How else can I… Continue Reading →

It’s time to open up!

For a long, long time now, I have been thinking of writing this piece. Was it fear or shame or social inhibitions which stopped me till now? I don’t know. But now I realize there is no need for any… Continue Reading →

Safety for the “fair sex” – A far-fetched dream?

Three weeks ago, my husband dropped a bomb at home in the form of an impending short term on-site opportunity he might have soon. He had to get a short-term VISA as well, which kind of made the chances of… Continue Reading →

The Balancing Act Called Life

All of us have our share of ugly secrets and horrible memories. If you are human, it is impossible to not have any. Sometimes we wish we could run away from ours. But there is something or the other that… Continue Reading →

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