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Hero Evolution: Jerks to Gentlemen

Hari and I were skipping channels today when we happened to watch a scene from an 80’s Malayalam movie for hardly 2 minutes. My oh my! That would count as the most “Whaaaa???!!!” 2 minutes of my life. There was… Continue Reading →

Tribute to Japan

In my head, the country Japan has always been associated with the word “unlucky”, when I was young. The lessons about the Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacks have been my first ‘learning’ about Japan. I felt so bad for the country although movies like… Continue Reading →

Sugunan’s AIM status message :)

I saw the following line as the AIM status message of one of my friends, Vishnu Kumar aka Sugunan. Coming from a person as irritating as him, I guess he put it there so that “someone” sees it. Just helping… Continue Reading →

Writer’s Block :D

2 years after my last blog, I realized I’m victim to the ever-famous “writer’s block”. Innumerable events have taken place in 2 years. What to write on and how to write pose a huuuge question mark in front of me…. Continue Reading →


Ah finally!! I’m back! Seriously.. I wonder why I bothered to create a blog in the first place. Because after the first (miserable) blog I’ve never had the chance to even log in to my blog. I’ve been soooooooooooooooo busy… Continue Reading →

First blog

juz checkin whether this thing will really work.. 21yrs ago a sweet little baby wus born.. her parents named her radhika.. 21yrs later shes bloomed into a gorgeous young lady nd shes doin MBA at SMS-CUSAT.. 😀nd hopefully she’ll live… Continue Reading →

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