When Kangana Ranaut’s “Queen” came out, people all across India suddenly started giving her attention and reading about how she transformed from being a small-town girl to a leading actress, and they were all praises for her. A national award and another hit later, when she is actually taken seriously by her co-actors and media, she is trying to voice her views which she had no way of airing in her struggling days. At interviews, especially regarding how people can overcome obstacles and how women can grow in our country, she is known for being open, without any pretenses. But then people suddenly started having a problem with her again. People who wrote “I wish Kangana goes on courageously” started writing comments like “Just 2 hit films and she is talking as if she is somebody”, “She has started talking a lot” etc. So what should she have done? Keep her views to herself and not use her popularity and celebrity status to bring about a change in the mindset of our people? We have time to empathize with superstars who are walking around scot-free after committing major crimes and follow them like Gods, but when she became successful suddenly and opened up about how she felt, we have the urge to ask her to “stay in her limits”.